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Mittwoch, 1. Mai 2013 - 13:37 Uhr

Our new website is comming soon

We would like it to inform you, that our website isn`t more working in the future under this Domain-name. We had some problems with the adminpart and decided to use in the future the Don Powell Fanclub website and change the name, so we will be able as soon as possible to use our NEW website "SLADE DECADES". You can visit ( and we hope you will do it ) the Sladed40years website under the domain we will no more work on it.
It should be possible to visit the new website next week. It`s still in the beginning and Ilpo will work on it. So we hope, you will like it too :-) K.O.R. and have a good time, with luv from Finland, Moni & Ilpo


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