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Dienstag, 13. März 2012 - 20:21 Uhr

On Saturday, 10th March, 2012 "ALMOST SLAYED"

On Saturday, 10th March, 2012 "ALMOST SLAYED"

 played to over 1,000 people at The Regal Theatre, Subiaco, Western Australia as opening act for THE SWEET in concert.

The whole evening was memorable. The audience cheered as ALMOST SLAYED took to the stage at 8pm and went straight into "Gudbuy t’Jane". The crowd went wild after just the first song. Danny got them all clapping their hands in time as he broke into "Coz I Luv You". The rest of the set went off just as well as it started, and by the time they finished on "Get Down & Get With It" the whole theatre was stamping their feet and joining in as Danny involved the audience. When that last song finished, the crowd was yelling for more, but as ALMOST SLAYED were only given a restricted time in which to play, they were signaled at the end of the song that they must finish, to leave time to get the stage ready for THE SWEET. So ALMOST SLAYED left the audience wanting more.

When THE SWEET came on they were superb and played a fantastic show. All in all it was a night to remember. THE SWEET told Danny they were very impressed with his vocals. He was so pleased to receive this compliment from them as all of their band have terrific vocals. Danny, Carol, Joe, Lea and Jonny from ALMOST SLAYED were honoured to play on the same stage as such a famous and incredible band.


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