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Samstag, 18. Juni 2011 - 18:24 Uhr

Music Duel Slade / Sweet 10th July 2011 on intenet radio RMN Goodtimes

MusicDuel" SLADE /SWEET on Radio RMN Goodtimes


10th July 2011 HERE

On the 10th July will be a musicduel on the internetradio RMN Goodtimes. This time will be SLADE / SWEET - So we Sladefans should choos 5 Sladesong, which they will play in the radioshow from 8pm till 10pm. During the show we can give our votes for the songs and our favourite band.
The group with the mostly voting% is the winner of this evening :-)
SLADE Songlist:

Link to the radioshow internetradio RMN Goodtimes:

RMNgoodtimes - Wir lieben Oldies.
RMNradio - Music, fun & more
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